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 Summer Camp Registration Open! (School Aged Children 4-10 yrs.)

What’s unique about our Montessori ?

Our team of specialists bring years of expertise as Montessori Teachers, Trainers, Administrators and Parents. We understand the value and benefits of the Montessori approach; An approach to learning that fosters:

  • Confidence and Competence
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • The Ability to handle external authority
  • Social responsibility and leadership
  • Academic readiness
  • Global awareness
  • Respect; For themselves, their peers and the environment around them


Montessori is a different approach to Teaching and Learning…

Montessori children learn how to learn and they learn to love learning! Students develop self-discipline and an internal sense of purpose and motivation. Students truly understand their work by engaging in: hands-on experiences, investigation and research, not rote drills and memorization.
Students are not afraid of making mistakes because they have learned how to self-correct, they see mistakes as natural steps in the learning process. Our Montessori program is consciously designed to recognize and address different learning styles.

A Montessori program offers a strong Academic Foundation…

Most Montessori children will begin reading, and writing at the age of 3 and 4; and many will be introduced to seemingly complex math operations like multiplication and division. Our adherence to low student-teacher ratios ensures children get more individualized attention and can’t easily slip through the cracks.


I feel that my daughter has reaped the benefits of being involved with McLean’s Learning Academy on so many levels! She gets many opportunities to interact with other children by playing games, reading stories and going on field trips. She will be much prepared for elementary school because of this exposure. What I like most about McLean’s is the support of the staff..there is always someone willing to listen and help.
-Gemma Chua
Being a first time mom I had a great deal of anxiety going back to work and leaving my sweet little guy at daycare…with strangers. The staff at McLean’s Learning Academy have been incredible. I couldn’t have asked for more caring and dedicated people to look after our son while we were at work. They patiently took my “checking in” calls and answered every question that I had about how he was doing and what he had done for the day. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the care they have provided. More importantly on arriving to pick him up he was always either playing with peers or getting a snuggle from a staff member. He was happy. Happy baby….
Happy parents
Our son’s journey, with the McLean’s Learning Academy has encouraged him to become an independent and curious toddler who who enjoyed attending daycare on a regular basis. He enjoyed the delicious home-made meals and making new friends, which has resulted into long-term relationships. MLA has shaped our son into the junior preschooler he is today. We are forever grateful for the love, nurturing and stimulation that has contributed to his early learning.
-Cherry Skerritt